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Punch & Judy Supplies

We have a large range of professional equipment for sale and hire


 Booths from medieval to modern and dozens of Punch & Judy puppets, benign or grotesque, antique or mint condition.


The new Punch & Judy puppets we supply are traditional. They are correctly balanced and authentically dressed. They are versatile because their size is suited to both small house parties and large outdoor functions.

"Mr. Punch" is approximately 25-inches/63 cm tall, with legs. Judy, Policeman, Clown, Hangman, Ghost, and Doctor are approximately 20-inches/61cm tall. The Crocodile is approximately 24 inches/ 61 cm long. Also available are Gallows, Slapsticks, Coffins, Sausages, Babies and "Swazzles" for Mr. Punch's authentic voice. Click here to view puppets.

We can also make additional puppets and props to your requirements and supply scripts.

Two types of booths are available:

1. A trellis construction in wood, covered by red and white candy striped canvas, a hand painted proscenium arch and velvet drapes. Click here to see photographs.

2. The second booth comprises of 9 equal sized candy striped canvas covered frames ingeniously linked to open out and form a complete booth in about 15 seconds!

Both types are lightweight and pack down to a convenient size that can be carried in the average car. Neither needs any bolts or screws but remain sufficiently rigid when built. Click here to view an example.

Contact us for details of current prices and hire charges.

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